Saturday, November 26, 2005

blessed to work with the kids

After getting a go ahead from the padmanabhanagar govt. school head, I was going to start the classes from 26th nov 2005. I had requested the teachers to pick 20 students with whom I could work with, for the 30 sessions (first step in the Theatre In Education - TIE activity that I am involved in).

I reached the school at 2:30pm on the 26th, saturday and I was given the list of sudents --> class V -Ananthalakshmi, Harshita, Naveena, Varsha, venkatesh class VI -Anand, Arun, Lakshmi, Santosh, Shilpa class VIII -Deepak, Kiran, Sharanya, Shwetha, Srilakshmi class IX -Chetan, Divyashree, Harish, Nutan, Shruthi.

We started the class by forming a circle. I just briefed them as to what was the whole idea was, what we would be doing in these 30 sessions etc. We started the first session with a shloka, "saraswathi namsthubhyam..."We then played the first game...simple one where we have to keep passing the "pat" to the next person in the circle by saying out a number in the order of 1 to 10. If we are about to say 10 and pat the next person, he is supposed to escape the pat. If he succeeds in doing so, the person who was supposed to pass the pat would be out and if he fails to escape, he would be out.

After this, I split them into 3 groups and asked them to show the mysore dasara picture to some visitor using themselves..It was interesting to note that one of the kids had devi bhuvaneshwari with 4 hands! the other group had a pujari performing pooja as the procession proceeded. in the other group, they had 2 people form one elephant as they wanted to show that it is huge!!

As I noticed that they enjoyed this very much, I asked them if they wanted to try out more and the answer was yes! So, the next topic was bangalore...this time I asked the other teams to interpret their representaion. it was fun...they were all enthusiastic to come up with new things. One thing that I observed was that they were not keen on doing it very well or perfectly...should be okay as they are kids and it was something very new for them to concentrate on such things!
After this, I tried one of the playback activity...I passed a book and asked each one to assume that the book was in a particular state and asked them to act being hot, cold, light, heavy etc...I did ask them to think of a state and act but I noticed that they were not able to get the meaning of state...may be i didn't convey it properly as some of them started reading the book! later, i gave them the myself like pricky, sticky, slippery...but atleast some could pick it up as one of them assumed that the book had a bad smell and acted it out...atleast on ecould catch it ...not bad!!

After this was dumb charades...I split them into 4 groups, gave them each a personality/phrase to act...pollution, gandhiji, lawyer and police... they were not all that good in guessing or probably the game was too new...I was concerned if they weren't thinking fast! I should find an answer to this...

We played the last game...stamping the balloons...I split them into 4 groups again...gave them colored balloons, yellow, orange, green and blue...they had to tie the balloon to their left/right leg. This was a timed activity...they were expected to start on time, stamp the balloons of the other team and at the same time guard their team balloons and stop when they were asked to stop. I bet they would have enjoyed this game like no other game...but they didn't stop on time :-) may be I didn't think of took something for me to stop them!

At the end when I told told them that we will meet on next sat, I could see the happy faces :-) ...its amazing that kids get used to someone so soon!! and they just say it out without caring for anyone!

Also, some kids were treating me more like a friend than a teacher, they were taking me here and there holding hands, asking me to do what they were asked to do...when we formed a circle, they were fighting as to who should stand next to me ...may be beacuse I made them play a lot of games but it is true that kids accept you so easily :-) and what suprised me more is, expression of the acceptance...think it is very easy for the kids!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

kimi also won the "drive of the year" for his monaco drive :-)
F1 racing magazine said --> “No drive in 2005 better combined steely strategic nous and outrageous talent than Kimi's victory in Monaco.” [source:]
and this pic was taken with my nokia 6600
kimi is the driver of the year!
this is the pic of my car (thanks to akshay and vinay)...and chinnu took the pic :-)

Monday, November 14, 2005


"wish you all a very happy children's day! it's a day dedicated to you all and it's all yours...feel special about yourself and have great fun!"
these were my final words of the speech that i gave as a judge for the in-house drama competition in a school called APS public school. it is kind of strange, i felt that until recently i was used to listen to someone on a children's day as a kid i was on the other side this time!
may be i never thought i would address a bunch of kids on a children's day 10 years later, in 1995 when i was in class 9.

but for some reason, i was so happy to see the kids perform...they did a great job. i also remembered how it used to be when we used to do plays in school. man, we used to think that it was everything...i could see the same in these kids too...they were completely into it and it was so evident that it meant everything to them.

there were 4 plays presented by one each house of the school. the theme was "social evils and superstitions". we judged the plays based on three criteria, creativity, presentation and the content, of course with the other sub criteria like, expressions, energy level was good to see that the children were so creative. there were children from class 6 to class 12 in each house... and everyone had come up with their own scripts. it was surprising to see how well they had planned for it.
one play even had a flashback where they waved the dupatta and went back to the age where the lead actress was still a kid!
the best play was on superstitions... it had various incidents where in kids encountered with superstitious beliefs and how they were resolved...i want to quote one incident wher a kid goes to her grand dad and asks him as to what is a lunar eclipse and why shouldn't moon be seen then? her grandpa says that it is because the two demons rahu and ketu eat up the moon and so he disappears. the kid goes to the school and tells the same thing when the teacher asks "what is a lunar eclipse?" then the teacher gets 3 kids, one representing the earth, another one the sun and the last one the moon. he makes the kid playing the moon revolve round the kid playing the earth and this kid playing the earth is made to revolve round the kid playing the sun. and when they all come in a straight line, they show the sun casting a shadow on the moon and the teacher explains that hence people on earth cannot see the moon then!! it was presented so well that i was really impressed and the captain of this house had selected all the class 6 students to do this and they did a wonderful job!
there were a lot of interesting one of the plays, one kid was hit by his friend and within no time he had black patch painted round his eye! very impressive... i thoroughly enjoyed the event.

it was hard to judge but we had to select a best play, best actor/actress and the best we did that... but told them that they all had performed very well etc (typical judge stuff). as i spoke to them in the end, i was all excited about the fact that they are our future generation; they could make our country proud! this had never happened before...i was so happy for them ...for being the kids they are and for being the hope :-))

Thursday, November 10, 2005

sunset in hampi...
another one!
one of my favorite pictures from the amarnath trip

Friday, September 09, 2005

dear coach

i have just started reading "tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom, thanks to my pal dhi, who gave me this book as my bday gift. I think this is a great book and that I will like it a lot. Some of Morrie's words sound very simple and at the same time, very much reasonable.

he talks about the tension of opposites where in he says "Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing, but you are bound to do something else. Something hurts you, yet you know it shoudn't. You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take anything for granted. A tension of oppsites, like a pull on a rubber band and most of us live somewhere in the middle." and when the author asked as to which side wins, Morrie's answer is "Love wins. Love always wins."

also he says "The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning".

i haven't read the book fully but i have a reason to write this post before i do so, the reason is the word "coach"! The author addresses his teacher as "coach" and the moment i read it, i could think of just one person, vinay a.k.a. boda. he is been a "coach" for quite a few people... some of whom i know and a lot of them that i don't know. i just wanted to let him know that i was all glad to realise that i have someone like him to guide/support/assure me when i need it.
thank you very much pal :-) you have always stood by my side, seen me through the hurdles, inspired me to take up a lot of activities, assured me of my decisions.

as i look forward to read more of Morrie's lessions (which I am sure will make me think more and will be happy to do so), i would like to tell my coach that he is one amazing dude who has made a big difference to my life. dear vinay a.k.a. boda a.k.a bods a.k.a. bored da, you simply rock!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

taking sides (part 2)

i was talking to a colleague from our US office and he just mentioned about the reduction in workforce that had started there at his office on that day...
i knew that it was a very sensitive matter and i just didn't know how to react, what to say. i did tell him that in my personal opinion it is very unfair and it should not be the way things should be going. i couldn't say anything more than that but i couldn't stop thinking about that.

after this, i was discussing with a couple of people here at my office as well.
this business model is not good at all. i think it is the problem with most of the well established MNCs who had already grown to a great extent and then started outsourcing their jobs. they hadn't planned for globalization when they started and they didn't plan for it when they were growing. now, they are left with no choice but to layoff. this kind of a set up would disturb the relationship between the two teams working for the same project at different locations. i don't understand how a business can grow if these two teams compete with each other rather than working in collaboration.

however, this is not the case with the MNCs that are startups as they would have planned for globalization from day one, would hire appropriate number of people at different locations and wouldn't get into a situation where in they have to reduce their workforce at one parlicular location to cut the costs. i think this business model is quite fair when compared to the earlier one.

also there is another model where in the company would be registered at a particular location and the marketing happens from there but the development would take place at different location to cut the costs again. i don't really think i am in favor of this one as well.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

taking sides (part 1)

for the past coulple of weeks its has been about taking sides, for me...

formula 1 - the 2005 US grand prix offered multiple dimensions for thoughts and had quite a few conversations with people, a lot of mails were exchanged and here are a few of them.

when a friend of mine said that he was all happy because ferrari had won and that fortune favored the brave, this is what I had to say...

well, I thought we were all passionate about F1 "racing"...
and when there was no such thing tht happened, where is the question of victory, fortune favoring the brave etc..
honestly, i can't call whatever happened at Indy as a formula 1 race!!

I do agree tht it couldn't have been done in any better way, though there were a few options...
michelian teams said (I think there was no reason for bridestone teams to agree to this...)
"The only practical solution was for a chicane to be installed prior to Turn 13 and nine of the teams were prepared to run under these conditions even forgoing championship points or by allowing non-Michelin teams to take top positions on the grid."

FIA said (I don't think there was any reason for the micheleian teams to do this...)
"Your teams have a choice of running more slowly in Turn 12/13, running a tyre not used in qualifying (which would attract a penalty) or repeatedly changing a tyre (subject to valid safety reasons). It is for them to decide."

so, effectively there was no race that happened and it was a big disappointment to the crowd, drivers and all formula 1 fans. after all, we didn't wait to see s'thing like this happen...
unpredictability is also one of the key players when it comes to f1 and we have to accept it, BUT, the yday's result is more of a PITY in formula 1 history and it surely is NOT a matter of pride!

when another friend of mine said, Michelin and the teams got away easily and it was Ferrari who bore the brunt for not agreeing to have the chicane as suggested by the other teams, this is what I had to say...

its such a pity that Schumacher's fans spoil it all..
who is blaming Ferrari now...the media (authentic -plz chk hasn't mentioned even once that Ferrari didn't agree or anything of tht sort...
they have very clearly stated tht it was the FIA which didn't agree to the options suggested by the 9 teams and the reason was because the options were irrelevant when it came to F1 rules and not because ferrari didn't agree to it.

so, defending Ferrari and sympathizing them is all crap...come on now, their decision had no role in any of this...they don't make the rules, they don't govern the rules...all we are saying is tht it was a disappointment and it can never be a matter of pride (to anyone...)
it was just an unavoidable situation. nothing more, nothing less.

when one of my colleagues asked me about what I thought about the fiasco (he actually called it the formula 0 fiasco), this is what I had to say...

I think it was a huge disappointment for all the fans, and the drivers. Indy 2005 would remain a compromise in F1 history.

but hey, I think they had no option but to let it happen the way it happened. I think they were reasonable when they chose not to race ...but just that they should have disclosed the news earlier to the crowd and yes, I agree that they should refund the tickets and travel expenses.

why I think they were reasonable is because FIA gave them these three options

1) they said ask your drivers to slow down on that particular turn (which is a risk and Michelin said they can't guarantee drivers' safety...can we expect them to risk their lives and race?)

2) they said your teams can keep changing the tires after giving appropriate safety reasons and showing that the tires weren't fit to continue with (this is again a risk as s'one might end up crashing before they change the tires...and Michelin had given a written statement saying they can't guarantee drivers' safety).

3) they said the teams could use a new set of tires (other than what they used for
qualifiers) but in that case, they would have to pay a huge penalty (this is as good as not racing as the penalty would make sure that they would come no where close to winning the race and also, Michelin weren't very sure about their new set of tires).

I agree that the fact that they failed to deliver tires that were fit for racing is very sad but, they realized it only after Ralf's accident. they failed miserably but it was an unavoidable situation.

as I have always said, unpredictability is one of the key players in F1 (major players are technology, speed, control) and we have to accept it because formula 1 specifications are the most stringent in the whole wide world and they get evolved from the stables of the meanest machine manufacturers and because of the efforts of the best of the automobile engineers round the world.

but, I agree that it is quite hard for people in the US to understand and accept this. I can accept this, I think I have gone too far ...beyond all this.

I was thinking how would it be for the drivers...I was thinking so much as to how Kimi would manage to go past Trulli (1st on the grid) and to not let Fisichella go past him (3rd on the grid and a Renault is know for its amazing starts) and I don't know how much the drivers would have thought and how would it be when they realize that they can't race!

When the FIA came with the charges on the team, this is what I had to say...

• failed to ensure that they had a supply of suitable tyres for the race (true but to ensure that the teams should have manufactured tyres overnight forgetting that they were car manufacturing companies!)

• wrongfully refused to allow their cars to start the race (may be no, it could be
considered that they did start the race...they retired later...if you noticed, it was shown that all the 14 drivers were out, that’s how they show when the drivers retire from the race)

• wrongfully refused to allow their cars to race, subject to a speed restriction in one corner which was safe for such tyres as they had available (I don't know if FIA can claim that it was safe, were they ready to assure drivers' safety? this claim is controversial)

• combined with other teams to make a demonstration damaging to the image of Formula One by pulling into the pits immediately before the start of the race (true, but there won't be any written rule saying that the teams shouldn't hold any discussions in public, look confused/puzzled in public :-)).

• failed to notify the stewards of their intention not to race, in breach of Article 131 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations.
Article 131 states: "The starting grid will be published four hours before the race. Any competitor whose car(s) is (are) unable to start for any reason whatsoever (or who has good reason to believe that their car(s) will not be ready to start) must inform the stewards accordingly at the earliest opportunity and, in any event, no later than 45 minutes before the start of the race.”
(may be a valid point...but still I am thinking if they can say that they did start the race but retired due to some problem with their one can stop them from retiring right? but I don't know if the start of the warm-up lap will be considered as the start of the race!
"Leading bookmakers, such as William Hill and Ladbrokes, decided to stick to the Formula One rule that cars that take part in the parade lap had started the race, which meant that thousands who backed Raikkonen and Alonso lost their money")

now, the teams are found guity on 2 of the charges and it has been clarified that the penalty would be a fine and not reduction in points or ban from the race.

but the teams are set to appeal the decision.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

nothing else matters

Q: Recently, many pundits have labelled you the second best driver on the grid after Michael Schumacher. What do you make of such comparisons?
KR: I should probably stop racing if I thought about myself as being second best.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

to kimi

was all excited and really really happy with kimi's consummate performance at the monaco grand prix.
the trafic jam that brought in the saftey car disturbed me so much when i learnt tht alonso had finished his 1st pit stop during tht time and kimi hadn't and one needs around 30 secs for a pit stop. i just didn't know what to expect...
all we knew was that we needed a gap of around 30 secs between kimi and alonso.
our ice man set up a gap of 34 secs (34 SECS!!) before he went to the pit stop and emerged out as the race leader again! that was a great drive. this post is dedicated to the man and that drive!

his words...
"This is great. To win is always fantastic, but Monaco is a special challenge. We have been strong throughout the weekend and I was able to pretty much control the race. I was able to push and open up a considerable gap, and when the time was right I simply came into the pits, refuel and still rejoin the race in the lead. After that I could take it a bit easier and look after the car and the Michelin tyres. Once again thank you to the entire team and everybody at Michelin. We have worked hard, and I think we have the best package out there at the moment. Our World Championship battle has gained momentum today. We will take one race at a time and continue to do our best."

Monday, May 16, 2005

k c a b y a l p

i haven't written about playback theatre in this blog...i think i have a reason to write about it now -sunday's performance at "asha nikethan", a home for mentally challenged people.

just to give an idea, playback is an interactive form of theatre where in the experiences of the audience received in the form of responses to the simple questions posed by the conductor (who is going to be one of the payback performance group) are played back to them as a theatrical performance.

to know more,

i was introduced to playback by a friend, dhi, and i completed my workshop sometime in 2004. the workshop concluded with a performance of which i was a part, along with my batch mates susan, ujwal and vinay (we called this group of 5, the 4 of us and our instructor umesh as "connections"), after this i can say i lost touch with playback.

but i wanted to do playback because i liked it.
i liked the very idea of acting out the experiences of the audience to them within a matter of a few seconds.
i liked it more when i realized that it makes a significant difference to them at the end of it.
i liked the people associated with it, they are not like the usual theatre crowd at all.

so, i joined them again sometime in feb 2005, have been a part of 3 of the performances till now.
the first one was at "bosco yuva kendra", home for the youth
that was a very joyous performance with the boys responding amazing well.

the second one was at "ashirwad", a spiritual place where the leaders from various religions meet up and hold meetings on equality, peace and things like that.
i was quite hesitant during that show as i was not able to relate to the audience well, i wasn't sure how they would take things and all. so, can say i didn't enjoy that one very much.

the third one was on last sunday at "asha nikethan", this one made all the difference.
though we didn't know what to expect from this performance, it turned out to be such a nice thing. the fact that we could actually act out the responses, thoughts that were shared by the mentally challenged persons is so unparalleled. and the fact that they responded so well to our acting is such a blessing. i feel they could respond, react and enjoy this show because, it was a playback performance, we acted out their own stories, their own experiences. we could see the smiles on their faces when we acted out what they had just said. i am glad to be a part of playback theatre.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

the man

it's kimi raikkonnen, as his fans say...a flying finn!
truly brilliant performance from this man at the spanish grand prix..
started off with no mistake, established a comfortable lead, and was absolutely flying, with unbelievable number of fastest laps...he kept getting them all in a row.
he was leading the spanish driver alonso by around 23 seconds when he went for his first pit stop, then joined the race track as the leader again! he lapped up the drivers till 7th place, including his own team mate montoya. he realsied he could take it easy as there was no possible threat from any one around, it was his race :-)
it was a brilliant run from start to finish from the finnish driver.
was quite glad to see him on the top step...looked like it was the beginning.
happy for kimi, his team and myself.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

some incidents during the last week have made me look up to these people for certain reasons ...

one of my best friends for being what she is. she is handling things so well in spite of all the trouble and is being a source of inspiration for the others. thank you pal.

ayn rand for creating the character peter keating in the fountainhead!
it is sad but true that we come across peter keatings in life. and i hate such people. there were days when i used to go around saying that i can't hate anyone etc. but now, i hate people like peter keating, phonies who know that they are incompetent and find cheap ways to get rid of the competitor. i hate them more when i come to know that they are playing the trick on someone, a third person and that someone is not aware of the trick. i want people to be cautious about peter keatings and everyone should know how to handle them and this is the only way to defeat them.
now, i look up to ayn rand because she has portrayed that character so well, conveyed almost all the info' that is required to recognize peter keatings.

the girl i spoke to in the painting class.
this girl (who looked rich, well educated and confident, lets call her miss X) had brought another girl (who looked poor and hesitant, lets call her miss Y) to the painting class. i am not sure if they are just friends or if they are related to each other. it looked like miss Y was miss X's house maid. what i know for sure is that miss X had noticed miss Y's profound interest towards painting and brought her there to get her started with painting classes. she had even got miss Y's painting book and showed the teacher what all she had painted.
miss Y didn't know english and the teacher teaches in english so miss X was sitting there with miss Y for 2 hours, translating and making her understand what the teacher taught.
so very nice of her!
miss Y was learning water colors and she had applied the colors very well (they were light -water colors are to be applied that way). but miss X was a little concerned as the colors were light and thats when i spoke to her and told her that miss Y was correct and thats the way it should be applied. when the teacher saw what she had made, he showed that to another student who had made the colors dark and told her that it should be applied like how miss Y had applied. miss X was smiling at miss Y after the teacher said so and it was so nice to see them both smiling :-)

a non-kannada friend of mine who said he knew kannada with pride.
we had a charity performance at bosco yuva kendra during the last weekend and after the performance, we were talking to someone form that yuva kendra and this friend of mine was answering all his questions and giving him all the info' he wanted about the way we do these charity performances. in the end, when that person asked my friend if he knew kannada, he smiled and said "huh, kannada barattey"! it was kind of surprising the way he said it (considering the amount of kannada he knows that is). generally i have seen non-kannada ppl saying that they know a bit of kannada, that they can understand but can't speak, that they don't know it all tht well etc. but this friend said it with no ifs and buts, he said it with confidence and pride.

Friday, March 04, 2005

3 out of 16?

with jaggs, vinay and vinay off to the US, preeth and aroo to the UK, it will be just 3 of us in bangalore by the end of this march. 3 out of 16!
it's a strange feeling...
there were days when all of us used to spend at least an hour a day together -yes in college.
will all the 16 of us ever meet again? i have serious doubts. thanks to manu, he insisted that we should take a group picture before he left to the US and that is the last time the whole gang met. well, 16 is a big number.
but it's a great feeling that we have come so far with this group, the unforgiven! -that is our group name :-) am sure it has given us all a distinguished identity.
in this group, we have people with varied interests, objectives, priorities, principles, dreams ...we have grown apart but we have grown together!
i give this post to akshay, aroo, bindu, bods, chinnu, jaggs, manu, mof, pj, pradeep, preeth, rashmi, sreeveena, suse and vinay -the_unforgiven rocks, as it always did!

Friday, February 18, 2005

i jus love this song vertigo -U2, it's an awesome song!
have been listening to it all day. aaaaaaah, i like it so much.

girl with crimson nails
has jesus 'round the neck
swinging to the music
swinging to the music

hello, hello...hola
am at a place called vertigo (¿dónde está?) [where is it?]
it's everything i wish i didn't know
but you give me something i can feel

feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeel

Thursday, February 17, 2005

the desire for happiness is a proof of the ever-existing happiness of the self. otherwise, how can desire for it arise in you? if headache was natural to human beings no one would try to get rid of it. but everyone that has headache tries to get rid of it, because he has known a time when he had no headache. he desires only that which is natural to him. so too he desires happiness because it is natural to him. being natural, it is not acquired.
as quoted by ramana maharshi

Monday, February 14, 2005

series of events

didn't want to miss any of them! evam indrajit, black and aero india 2005. could catch them all :-)

watched evam at ranga shankara on friday. liked the play, well performed by the team, a friend was also a part of it. neat job pal :-)
could relate myself to the theme so well...specially liked the scene where they go round and round and round screaming reliance, airtel, hutch; infosys, wipro, tcs; RV, PESIT, BMS; ... amal, vimal, kamal!

black was good again! i go by this strange theory that an actor/actress is successful if at any given point of time, they don't lose the audience as in, the audience is with them regardless of character they play (the audience may differ with the actors' views, opinions, behaviours but they should find them reasonable -even an unreasonable character should be played reasonably!) if u don't understand tht, chuck it...don't think i can convey wht i want to, at this moment. but sanjay leela bansali has brought out the best from all the actors. he must be a perfectionist. cinematography is also very good.

my friends and me enjoyed the aero india 2005 as well. but the air show wasn't as good as it was in 2003. missed the mirages.
the show opened with the HAL's ALHs (advanced light helicopters), followed by the Tejas -LCA (light combat aircraft). it was a great feeling to watch the LCA fly :-)
other aircraft that flew included HAL's IJT (intermediate jet trainer), british hawk (trainer), british jaguar, russian mig-29, su-30 MKK and a couple of helicopters.
sukhoi's flight was the best with all the maneuvers, speed (max of 2.35 mac), that roaring sound! mig's flight was the second best.
jagdish, karthik and vinay were trying to watch the air show and take pictures of the a/c. vinay was successful in taking very many pictures of the blank sky!!
in the end, there was this surya kiran team from IAF (indian air force) performing aerobactics. 9 of them...flying...flipping away...rejoining...they were flying in the sky as people drive on road. formations included diamond, wineglass, inverted 'Y', heart etc. they also displayed the head on crossing...not just once but, twice...the announcer was saying, "never mind, those of who closed your eyes, here, they will do that for u again!" they always make the crowd feel proud with their skills and their tri colors!!

we were exhausted by then but we did visit most of the stalls in the exhibition area. HAL, NAL, lockheed martin, boeing, sukhoi, rolls royce, rafael, israel nation pavilion, rathyeon, prat and whitney to name a few. honeywell had displayed it's F125 engine. we couldn't visit airbus, DRDO, ADA stalls as they closed the exhibition at 4:00pm due to security reasons. so, it was fighter jets (from JSF F-35 to C130J to grippen to su-30...), engines (for civil a/c, fighter jets), missiles (surface to air, air to air) all over. some advanced techniques to pinpoint the missiles precisely, self protection mechanisms for the a/c, deep penetrating missiles etc. were displayed in some of the stalls.
it is a good thing that people from all over the world come here to display their products, around 350 companies (210 foreign and 140 indian) from around 30 countries!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

magic, technique, art, brilliance

last night, had a great time watching the play perchance to dream!
man!! what a performance it was...brilliantly awesome!!
if you are in bangalore, my sincere words -don't miss it!
this play by a french travelling company footsbarn interweaves 5 of shakespeare's plays hamlet, macbeth, romeo & juliet, king lear and a midsummer night's dream.
we see it open with romeo & juliet, blending into hamlet, to realise that the play within a play in hamlet is the section from a midsummer night's dream, rehearsing king lear, the actors after the rehearsal decide to meet up in the woods in the midnight and we see the 3 witches of macbeth in the woods!
well, things were portrayed so well in the play, unimaginable!
hats off to all the actors who feasted us with such intense emotions as passion, jealousy, love, pain, ambition, madness. liked hamlet the's my favourite and the actor who played hamlet's role was brilliant! could see him scream in my dream as well.
too bad we didn't meet the actors after the performance, for some reason, it never occurred to us probably coz it was late.
i am glad i watched this play. thanks to everyone of those who are responsible for this performance.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

fall and shine

was reading a post - rise and shine, in my friend's blog talked about the rising sun's pictures he had taken ...also visited his yahoo page where he had some more pics including a suset pic. as i saw tht pic, was thinking fall and shine then my mind was wandering here and there and then i was thinking s'thing again...
after federer lost to safin, s'thing like this was published in Hindu
Roger Federer really does belong to our species - homo sapiens. The Swiss alchemist is human, vulnerable and beatable...but only just.
fall and shine!

Thursday, January 13, 2005


(in emmbedded sys) had heard about this term but didn't quite know what it was...
today, i think i architecture is said to be composable w.r.t a certain property if system integration will not invalidate this property once the property has been established at a subsystem level.
hmm...its not easy to achieve this coz integration of embedded subsystems into a system is bound to have problems.
for real time systems, composable timing behaviour is the most critical issue and to achieve this time triggered protocol (ttp) is used over the event triggered one. our new program uses ttp architecture and so was reading about it..somehow liked this, so just put it here...

got a mail from revan (a friend from redmond) today...was good to hear from her, she had sent her daughter katie and son jordan's pictures. otherwise had a painful time updating the performance and development info' using some sad tool.

okay, will sign off now...
don't know if i should say peace or lets belong!

Monday, January 03, 2005

back in bangalore

it feels so good to be back :-) to be with parents & friends, to go on bikes, to fight for the TV remote, to call up ppl without having to think about the time/timezone, to see the bright and sunny days, to watch be in bangalore!!

wasn't happy coz i got to hear about tsunami and its disaster as soon as i came here and couldn't do much about it other than volunteering to collect funds and stuff...

things are going pretty well at office, had to present a paper for our internal paper presentation competition, our paper had got selected for the final round...and they gave our project the technical excellence award for the year 2004.

looking back, i think i had a great time for 3 months, i liked the independent life there but no doubt life is more colorful here...
i was thinking of times which were you know kind of nice, fun...
when chinnu and me watched the laser show at seattle
when we went to the fedex office to collect my camera at some 6:59PM (they were closing at 7:00PM)
when tht guy (supposed to be our neighbour) came at 11:30 in the night and was screaming at us for keeping s'thing on for a long time..i still don't understand wht was kept on ...if he was adrressing us!
when i gave a detailed account of this neighbour's incident to priyank over the, i was laughing so much!
when rashmi and me were speaking for a long time...we didn't realise tht the day was over..
when we took so much care to lock our apt door and made sure tht we both (my roommate and me) had a key etc. and then realised tht we had kept our window (long one, ppl can enter thro' tht) open!
when geo and me went to USPS to collect my diwali gifts
when aruna and me told rahul tht starbucks existed since 1912 by looking at the door number on starbucks coffee shop at seattle.
when we made the mistake of watching veerzara ..each dialouge was so long...
when akshay and me were fighting away to glory at chinnu's place and ppl were having fun at the cost of us
the way we were crossing the road when we went to seattle downtown in the night.. just before geeta left
when we waved at prafulla and asked him to remove his watch when he went for security check at the airport...tht security guy couln't help but smile's 2005 and am not sure wht am going to do this year...
i always keep saying tht it's good to have an unpredictable life...don't know for how long i 'll continue to believe in it... may be i go by the saying.. as long as the path am walking is interesting, i don't mind going it true? honestly, i don't know