Wednesday, March 23, 2005

some incidents during the last week have made me look up to these people for certain reasons ...

one of my best friends for being what she is. she is handling things so well in spite of all the trouble and is being a source of inspiration for the others. thank you pal.

ayn rand for creating the character peter keating in the fountainhead!
it is sad but true that we come across peter keatings in life. and i hate such people. there were days when i used to go around saying that i can't hate anyone etc. but now, i hate people like peter keating, phonies who know that they are incompetent and find cheap ways to get rid of the competitor. i hate them more when i come to know that they are playing the trick on someone, a third person and that someone is not aware of the trick. i want people to be cautious about peter keatings and everyone should know how to handle them and this is the only way to defeat them.
now, i look up to ayn rand because she has portrayed that character so well, conveyed almost all the info' that is required to recognize peter keatings.

the girl i spoke to in the painting class.
this girl (who looked rich, well educated and confident, lets call her miss X) had brought another girl (who looked poor and hesitant, lets call her miss Y) to the painting class. i am not sure if they are just friends or if they are related to each other. it looked like miss Y was miss X's house maid. what i know for sure is that miss X had noticed miss Y's profound interest towards painting and brought her there to get her started with painting classes. she had even got miss Y's painting book and showed the teacher what all she had painted.
miss Y didn't know english and the teacher teaches in english so miss X was sitting there with miss Y for 2 hours, translating and making her understand what the teacher taught.
so very nice of her!
miss Y was learning water colors and she had applied the colors very well (they were light -water colors are to be applied that way). but miss X was a little concerned as the colors were light and thats when i spoke to her and told her that miss Y was correct and thats the way it should be applied. when the teacher saw what she had made, he showed that to another student who had made the colors dark and told her that it should be applied like how miss Y had applied. miss X was smiling at miss Y after the teacher said so and it was so nice to see them both smiling :-)

a non-kannada friend of mine who said he knew kannada with pride.
we had a charity performance at bosco yuva kendra during the last weekend and after the performance, we were talking to someone form that yuva kendra and this friend of mine was answering all his questions and giving him all the info' he wanted about the way we do these charity performances. in the end, when that person asked my friend if he knew kannada, he smiled and said "huh, kannada barattey"! it was kind of surprising the way he said it (considering the amount of kannada he knows that is). generally i have seen non-kannada ppl saying that they know a bit of kannada, that they can understand but can't speak, that they don't know it all tht well etc. but this friend said it with no ifs and buts, he said it with confidence and pride.


Akshay said...
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Akshay said...

And finally you agree Rand is good :)). Well, strange you appreciated her for sketching out the Keatings we see. I was impressed at how not be a Keating and that there are Roarks.
There are so many Keatings we see daily, ppl who do anything just be that second hander, power crazy. Especially now that it is promotion time :D.. this corporate world is all about filthy lives.

Contemplation said...

Wont there be keatings within roarks... and roarks within keatings... May be it is just a matter of time and situation.... Interestingly, both will fall for Dominiques, despite their diametrical orientations... Hmmm....