Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sound of WordsWorth!

The Basavangudi school kids repeating the new words that we taught them was our music for the day on Saturday, when we continued with the WordsWorth session that we had started the previous Saturday.
We were seven of us (should i say the seven notes)- Divya, Ganaraj, Praveen, Shilpa, Shwetha, Vikram and myself. It actually reminded me of the do-re-mi song from sound of music :). I was trying to recollect the song but just couldn't get it untill I called up Rashmi the next day and got the lyrics!

We covered around 20-30 words (mostly fruits and vegetables). We noticed that a few kids picked up the words sooner than the others. Some kids were hesitant in say the words if they didn't find it easy. We were thinking of making smaller groups from next time onwards so that we can make each kid repeat every single word that we teach.

Thanks to Vikram for getting this going and to all the other volunteers :)

And the song ...
Do, a deer, a female deer,
Re, a drop of golden sun,
Mi, a name I call myself,
Fa, a long long way to run,
So, a needle pulling thread,
La, a note to follow so,
Ti, a drink with jam and bread,
That'll bring us back to Do -