Thursday, January 13, 2005


(in emmbedded sys) had heard about this term but didn't quite know what it was...
today, i think i architecture is said to be composable w.r.t a certain property if system integration will not invalidate this property once the property has been established at a subsystem level.
hmm...its not easy to achieve this coz integration of embedded subsystems into a system is bound to have problems.
for real time systems, composable timing behaviour is the most critical issue and to achieve this time triggered protocol (ttp) is used over the event triggered one. our new program uses ttp architecture and so was reading about it..somehow liked this, so just put it here...

got a mail from revan (a friend from redmond) today...was good to hear from her, she had sent her daughter katie and son jordan's pictures. otherwise had a painful time updating the performance and development info' using some sad tool.

okay, will sign off now...
don't know if i should say peace or lets belong!

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