Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am sure all of Kimi's fans would be as heartbroken as me after hearing the news that he won't be racing in F1 next year. Usually people like the sport F1 and then they have their favourite drivers etc. but it was the other way around for me. I used to follow F1 because most/all of my friends were following it and I fell in love with the sport after I fell in love with the driver, Kimi. It is his raw talent to race faster than anyone else that attracted me, always setting those fastest laps, pushing the machine so hard and breaking it many a times, making it a point to win the Belgian grand prix even when he had problems with the car most of the season :) And his "not giving a damn to anyone or anything" attitude that attracted me to him, a simple man with no layers as his manager put it once. I am undecided as to what F1 without Kimi would mean to me.

I saw this today and could think of nothing other than Kimi's decision to not race in F1 next year.
Kimi you will be missed at F1, I wore a Mclaren top when I watched you race in Malaysia 2006 and I wore a Ferrari shirt when I watched you race in Montreal 2008, I think I should start reading about rallying and WRC now. Go Kimi!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Watched MJ's This is it yesterday. Very impressed and fascinated with his grace. I don't know if everyone sees what I saw, it maybe completely my perspective. For the entire duration I was fascinated by the perfect order that I was seeing in every single movement of his hands, legs, body. I am saying this because those videos were shot during the rehearsals, a show is different. There was absolutely no movement that was out of place, and I couldn't see that order in any of the dancers that danced with him. Of course I am not disrespecting those dancers, I know they were a set of talented dancers selected by MJ himself but I am talking about the 'perfect order all the time', I couldn't see that in anyone. It should be because it's his style and it comes naturally to him. But I must say I was amazed and inspired to a very great extent than my expectations. The memory of his long graceful hands will remain forever.