Monday, January 03, 2005

back in bangalore

it feels so good to be back :-) to be with parents & friends, to go on bikes, to fight for the TV remote, to call up ppl without having to think about the time/timezone, to see the bright and sunny days, to watch be in bangalore!!

wasn't happy coz i got to hear about tsunami and its disaster as soon as i came here and couldn't do much about it other than volunteering to collect funds and stuff...

things are going pretty well at office, had to present a paper for our internal paper presentation competition, our paper had got selected for the final round...and they gave our project the technical excellence award for the year 2004.

looking back, i think i had a great time for 3 months, i liked the independent life there but no doubt life is more colorful here...
i was thinking of times which were you know kind of nice, fun...
when chinnu and me watched the laser show at seattle
when we went to the fedex office to collect my camera at some 6:59PM (they were closing at 7:00PM)
when tht guy (supposed to be our neighbour) came at 11:30 in the night and was screaming at us for keeping s'thing on for a long time..i still don't understand wht was kept on ...if he was adrressing us!
when i gave a detailed account of this neighbour's incident to priyank over the, i was laughing so much!
when rashmi and me were speaking for a long time...we didn't realise tht the day was over..
when we took so much care to lock our apt door and made sure tht we both (my roommate and me) had a key etc. and then realised tht we had kept our window (long one, ppl can enter thro' tht) open!
when geo and me went to USPS to collect my diwali gifts
when aruna and me told rahul tht starbucks existed since 1912 by looking at the door number on starbucks coffee shop at seattle.
when we made the mistake of watching veerzara ..each dialouge was so long...
when akshay and me were fighting away to glory at chinnu's place and ppl were having fun at the cost of us
the way we were crossing the road when we went to seattle downtown in the night.. just before geeta left
when we waved at prafulla and asked him to remove his watch when he went for security check at the airport...tht security guy couln't help but smile's 2005 and am not sure wht am going to do this year...
i always keep saying tht it's good to have an unpredictable life...don't know for how long i 'll continue to believe in it... may be i go by the saying.. as long as the path am walking is interesting, i don't mind going it true? honestly, i don't know

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