Sunday, February 14, 2010


Is one of my favorite art-forms. It never fails to fascinate me, it gives this unique feeling of being free. I myself haven't taken any dance classes except for a few casual tango/jive classes that Vinay and I took long ago. Thanks to my friend Bindu who is an amazing Bharatanatyam dancer, because of her I think I am involved in dance more than I thought I would have :) I admire their eye movements, their grace and I start to think that I can feel what they feel, some of them consider it so divine and I can sense that from their performance. And I seem to have this special attraction towards Kathak when it comes to the steps and costume. I just love it when their skirts flare out beautifully during the spins and I can only think of that when I imagine a painting to depict the feel of a dance! It's almost like the ultimate depiction of freedom :)
Here are two small abstracts I made to start with, in the memory of the immense pleasure dance has given me. I dedicate them to Bindu :) I am sure I can't stop at these, I think I will be studying more and working more on the theme dance!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver is full of people and excitement these days, thanks to the winter Olympics 2010. The city is all decorated etc. but what makes it more special is the people - it's always nice to be amidst a crowd of people from various places, more so when they are excited. Spent the whole day yesterday going to different parts of the city and checking out the stalls, the Olympic village, the Olympic flame etc. It was warm and raining most of the tome, it's probably the warmest city to host the winter Olympics. It was nice to see the artists playing music, performing magic etc. on the roads of downtown and the volunteers who very kind and also the locals/volunteers wearing the ASK ME tags :) Another thing that needs a mention is the Olympic store that was overcrowded with people buying loads of things! It was one heck of an experience of excitement, now look forward to the watching the hockey game this evening.