Tuesday, October 17, 2006

talking silently!

It's the opposite of thinking aloud! I am at office with nothing much to do and no one to talk to..So, here I write...

I am wondering ...do people stay silent, unexpressive because they are mature, composed or because they are not confident or because they are not passionate about any particular thing in life?

A part of the office here has a glass ceiling, its like working in natural sunlight...its designed in such a way that there is sunlight but we get to sit in shade...I think it's a wonderful thing...I love it!

I met this lady in the airplane who is a resident of Vancouver for the past 16 years. She was returning to Vancouver from India. She told me that Vancouver is a beautiful city and all that. After a pause she said she liked India better and continued that her kids and her husband don't prefer living in India. I also heard that my manager who was working in the US decided to settle in India because his wife preferred living in India. This is the case with two of the couples that I know well...the girls prefers living in India, the guys don’t!

I think I am religious... because I believe that a religion brings in discipline in an individual, it keeps us on track. Say I happen to stamp on a paper by mistake, I make sure that do the "touching the paper and then touching my eyes" thing every time (Paper is considered to be God Saraswati according to the Hindu religion). I do that because I know that it will make me more disciplined, it helps me in being committed on the things that I do. It is true with all the religions. Nowadays people don't seem to believe in a religion... that is definitely good considering the unity it brings in among the people irrespective of their religion but at the same time would it encourage people to be not hesitant in doing the wrong things?

It's Kimi’s birthday today! I already wrote a mail to the group about it, told people here about it! I also completed one year in my second company. No, I didn't plan it that way! It was just a coincidence... his birthday and my joining date. And yeah, I like to be a fanatic :)

I don't think I can survive without Indian food. I can't enjoy food anyway but I can't eat food that is not Indian. I am glad nature has a strong influence on people when it comes to food, if not the living place. People might like to go live in a different country but when it comes to food, they prefer their food :)

I really like the Sunidhi Chauhan song "beeDi.." from Omkara! Have always admired her powerful voice!