Monday, February 14, 2005

series of events

didn't want to miss any of them! evam indrajit, black and aero india 2005. could catch them all :-)

watched evam at ranga shankara on friday. liked the play, well performed by the team, a friend was also a part of it. neat job pal :-)
could relate myself to the theme so well...specially liked the scene where they go round and round and round screaming reliance, airtel, hutch; infosys, wipro, tcs; RV, PESIT, BMS; ... amal, vimal, kamal!

black was good again! i go by this strange theory that an actor/actress is successful if at any given point of time, they don't lose the audience as in, the audience is with them regardless of character they play (the audience may differ with the actors' views, opinions, behaviours but they should find them reasonable -even an unreasonable character should be played reasonably!) if u don't understand tht, chuck it...don't think i can convey wht i want to, at this moment. but sanjay leela bansali has brought out the best from all the actors. he must be a perfectionist. cinematography is also very good.

my friends and me enjoyed the aero india 2005 as well. but the air show wasn't as good as it was in 2003. missed the mirages.
the show opened with the HAL's ALHs (advanced light helicopters), followed by the Tejas -LCA (light combat aircraft). it was a great feeling to watch the LCA fly :-)
other aircraft that flew included HAL's IJT (intermediate jet trainer), british hawk (trainer), british jaguar, russian mig-29, su-30 MKK and a couple of helicopters.
sukhoi's flight was the best with all the maneuvers, speed (max of 2.35 mac), that roaring sound! mig's flight was the second best.
jagdish, karthik and vinay were trying to watch the air show and take pictures of the a/c. vinay was successful in taking very many pictures of the blank sky!!
in the end, there was this surya kiran team from IAF (indian air force) performing aerobactics. 9 of them...flying...flipping away...rejoining...they were flying in the sky as people drive on road. formations included diamond, wineglass, inverted 'Y', heart etc. they also displayed the head on crossing...not just once but, twice...the announcer was saying, "never mind, those of who closed your eyes, here, they will do that for u again!" they always make the crowd feel proud with their skills and their tri colors!!

we were exhausted by then but we did visit most of the stalls in the exhibition area. HAL, NAL, lockheed martin, boeing, sukhoi, rolls royce, rafael, israel nation pavilion, rathyeon, prat and whitney to name a few. honeywell had displayed it's F125 engine. we couldn't visit airbus, DRDO, ADA stalls as they closed the exhibition at 4:00pm due to security reasons. so, it was fighter jets (from JSF F-35 to C130J to grippen to su-30...), engines (for civil a/c, fighter jets), missiles (surface to air, air to air) all over. some advanced techniques to pinpoint the missiles precisely, self protection mechanisms for the a/c, deep penetrating missiles etc. were displayed in some of the stalls.
it is a good thing that people from all over the world come here to display their products, around 350 companies (210 foreign and 140 indian) from around 30 countries!

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VinayPothnis said...

Those pictures of the sky were just to drive home the point ...

You knw ... u do feel empty ... after those beauties have finished their performance ...

sigh ...