Sunday, May 08, 2005

the man

it's kimi raikkonnen, as his fans say...a flying finn!
truly brilliant performance from this man at the spanish grand prix..
started off with no mistake, established a comfortable lead, and was absolutely flying, with unbelievable number of fastest laps...he kept getting them all in a row.
he was leading the spanish driver alonso by around 23 seconds when he went for his first pit stop, then joined the race track as the leader again! he lapped up the drivers till 7th place, including his own team mate montoya. he realsied he could take it easy as there was no possible threat from any one around, it was his race :-)
it was a brilliant run from start to finish from the finnish driver.
was quite glad to see him on the top step...looked like it was the beginning.
happy for kimi, his team and myself.

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