Friday, June 15, 2007

loving people...

just a thought that crossed my mind, that i can insanely admire some people for what they are!

watched this play “mysooru mallige” at ranga shankara yday, it was a good play though i thought it could have been a little shorter. i couldn't relate to all/most of the incidents showcased on the stage but in the end i saw myself standing up and applauding, i was really thrilled! i think what touched me is the fact that the poet in the play just wrote poems cos he loved to write, nothing more nothing less! there were a few strong dialogues which stressed this fact towards the end of the play and I think they what made me admire the poet so much. he said he wrote and wrote, never had time to stop and look at what he had written earlier. he said if he had spent time on getting his work acknowledged by someone he would never have written as much as he had written now. he said he could write what he wrote cos of what he was and couldn't have done that if he attempted to become someone. think it is so true.

i recently read Bill Watterson's graduation speech. he said the only significant thing he did in his first year was that he painted the ceiling of his room. he finished painting it towards the end of the year only to wipe it off by the year end as agreed! but he said that was one of the most satisfying things that he had done! amazing!

yeah, one kind of people... their passion is in doing things that they love/creating things they would want to create without spending time no anything else. there are some whose passion is in doing good to the rest of the people. there are some who are just principled. so many people to admire, an interview with Ratan Tata on a TV channel excites me so much...knowing that Rajani kant returns money to his producers/distributors if his films don't do well delights me.

coming to the people in my own life, i do insanely admire them for what they are! not just the people who are close to me but it could be someone who i interacted with for a very short period of time. once in the malleshwaram govt. school we asked the kids to write down what they wanted to become when they are old. one of the kids wrote that he doesn't know what he wants to become but he only knows that he wants to build a lot of orphanages and help all the orphan kids in his country! he touched a deep part of me by saying that, i really admire that kid.

i don't know if i can write what i am thinking but it’s something like i tend to love some people... the way they are, the things they do, the things they say, everything about them excites me, delights me, inspires me...

have no idea if am doing anything with all the inspiration from these people but it’s a special thought/feeling for me :-)

something i did recently out of passion and inspiration.

This was inspired by a picture taken by my friend Sainath :)