Wednesday, February 02, 2005

magic, technique, art, brilliance

last night, had a great time watching the play perchance to dream!
man!! what a performance it was...brilliantly awesome!!
if you are in bangalore, my sincere words -don't miss it!
this play by a french travelling company footsbarn interweaves 5 of shakespeare's plays hamlet, macbeth, romeo & juliet, king lear and a midsummer night's dream.
we see it open with romeo & juliet, blending into hamlet, to realise that the play within a play in hamlet is the section from a midsummer night's dream, rehearsing king lear, the actors after the rehearsal decide to meet up in the woods in the midnight and we see the 3 witches of macbeth in the woods!
well, things were portrayed so well in the play, unimaginable!
hats off to all the actors who feasted us with such intense emotions as passion, jealousy, love, pain, ambition, madness. liked hamlet the's my favourite and the actor who played hamlet's role was brilliant! could see him scream in my dream as well.
too bad we didn't meet the actors after the performance, for some reason, it never occurred to us probably coz it was late.
i am glad i watched this play. thanks to everyone of those who are responsible for this performance.

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karthik c said...

yup it was awesome... thanks for inviting me :-)
i loved the female who played juliet/king lear's daughter.... her acting, emotions and body language were really good, especially in the king lear part!