Friday, June 23, 2006

okay am writing this as jaggi has tagged me...i should be writing five weird things about me...but seriously, i don't quallify to do this at all as i can't write such things humorously, i don't know why you tagged me :(

while riding if i have to stop, turn or slow down, i keep my right foot on the ground if it is necessary to keep a foot on the ground to balance. my brother keeps telling tht one should use his/her left foot but i just can't do that!

most of my dreams are feature wild animals like tiger, llion (and no i wouldn't be photographing them like wildlife photographers but i would be running away from them and they would be chasing me)!

giving gifts to my near and dear ones makes me more happy than receiving gifts from them!

i don't/can't enjoy food!

and finally, something that is not really weird...
i liked the movie 'the da vinci code' very much and i watched it twice as i thought i couldn't concentrate on all the details in most of scenes when i watched it the first time! and i don't have any compliant on tom hanks/robert langdon's blandness in that movie beacause that was how i had imagined that character when i read the book and also beacuse it wasn't an actor-centric movie but a plot-centric one!

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Avinash said...

'keeping the foot on the ground when riding' - all girls do it. It is the thing you do before a take off.. :-)