Friday, June 30, 2006

the thin line between 'misssing it' and 'doing it'

the thinner the line, the deeper the disappointment!

yes, this is about Argentina missing it and Germany doing it.
it was a close one as both the teams were in very good form and it was a well fought game.

the line was thin for sure but it came into existence because of few significant issues -

taking off both Riquelme and Crespo - that was something unusual to do after a 1-0 lead. Argentina would have definitely won if Riquelme had continued on the field, the coach's decision was not good at all

Abbondanzieri's retirement -it was unfortunate is all I can say :(

the referee favouring Germany - yes, there were a lot of incidents where he favoured Germany but I can mention at least two glaring ones, Sorin's yellow card and Rodriguez' yellow card. they both were booked for no fault of theirs!

hence the thin line and it hit us hard when there was no Riquleme or Crespo to shoot the ball and all we had was a substitute goalkeeper to save during the penalty shootout!

Argentina had to miss and they did...
...though they very well deserved to win!
It was hard to accept it as they played a better football than the Germans yesterday :(

last WC, I was backing Germany after Argentina was knocked out in the first round. but after watching yday's match, I don't think I want to support Germany.

Chilli said that this wasn't his good year when it came to sports and him and it looks like the same is true with me too...Kimi hasn’t made it to the top step of the podium yet :(


MusicManiac said...

Me rooting for france. They outplayed the team which has the most talent in the world, by far! I wanted ghana to come to the semis.......'wanted' wouldn't be the right word I guess. I just hoped....ghana to the semis as they were putting up a real good performance everytime. Somehow felt argentina were similar.Passes are good, but no real striker to kick from a distance or control the swing etc..Was rooting for Argentina (I can't remember many names as I have become a recent fan of the game :D) but sadly they couldn't. Tis france that am rooting for now. Zidane showed that all said and done there is something called 'class' and he is one apart!

ashwini bharadwaj said...


I don't think Argentina lacked strikers...they are the best converters among all the teams till now (the difference b/w the number of chances created by the midfielders for scoring a goal and the number of goals scored by them is less when compared to all otehr teams). I think they missed Riquelme more than Crespo (a striker) in QF after the Germans leveled the game. Anyway, its a closed story now. I heard that France played really well (I didn't watch that match) but I don't think I will support anyone now, will just watch the following games as an admirer of the sport!

Avinash said...


Sridhar Raman said...

Lost all interest in the WC. Just hoping that Germany loses. Vicarious pleasure in that!

Gowtham said...


let me convince myself (help from you would be greatly appreciated) - you are the same ashwini from MES college, who plays flute, right??

and if you are, it's hard to believe that you are such a big sports buff.

and if not, please feel free to delete this message/comment.


ashwini bharadwaj said...


i did go to MES college for PU but i don't play flute! so i am not the person that you thought i was, sorry!

weed said...

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