Friday, July 01, 2011

Why I think I like Google+ better

Initial thoughts:

The fundamental difference -I can add who I want to my circle and they need not have me in theirs. I don't have to approve any friend requests like Facebook; this to me is a game changer! It saves everyone's time and people need not speculate on how well they know the other person to call her/him a friend before sending a friend request.

Does this pose a problem if anyone can add anyone to their circles? Not really. Because if I add someone and they don't add me, it will become a case of me following that person (only her/his public posts, Twitter-like). And she/he won't see any of my posts as I am not in her/his circles? Which means I can share what I want with who I want, they can choose to see it or ignore it.

To me it looks like the whole concept of socializing made nice and easy yet not compromising on the control the users would always like to have.

This is just the initial thought, need to see what other things they will add to it (apps and stuff), lot of details that needs to be understood and pondered on etc. but I do think that it's a great step towards making what is so hip today (Facebook) irrelevant ;)


Ratna Rao said...

mmm OK. I will go look up what google+ is...

ashwini bharadwaj said...

Sure, I will send you a message :)