Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today a dear friend of mine got a small design I created inked on his shoulder! And it made me so very happy :) He had told me that he was thinking getting a tattoo a while ago. He wanted a Trishula (three-spear) and had asked me to design one. Now he is a guy with a strong mind and a gentle heart. So I tried a few concepts like the third eye in the middle spear of the Trishula, a Trishula like a flower bud, and a Trishula with its spears on fire etc. There was one where I had an Om and the Trishula as the Chandra bindu (moon and dot) of the Om. And I also had one where the Trishula was made of the special characters we use in coding, this one was my favorite because he is one of the best C++ programmers I have come across :) He seemed to like the Om one and the one with code characters and we had to decide on one. So I ended up combining the two designs and he seemed to like the final one and he said he would get it done sometime soon. But today when he said he actually got it done, I was so thrilled. Many thanks to him! I realized how wonderful it feels to know that a friend chose to have my creation permanently inked.


Ratna Rao said...

waah! very nice....and so well written.

Rashmi said...

How fun!
Congrats on your first custom designed tattoo.. :)

Girish Shetty said...

He must be equally thrilled for having a Tattoo, which is your creation :)

ashwini bharadwaj said...

Ratna aunty, thank you! very sweet of you to say that but I must say I still have a lot to learn from you :)

Rushme, thank you sweetie :)

Girish, He is, he is, he is a great friend :)