Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Addicted to this game Fantastic Contraption. It is really a cool game and my friend has written a good post on it here.

I thought of posting the links to some of my designs (our designs as Vinay helped me with them), starting level 11 only as the first 10 levels are quite easy. Also I didn't do level 13 and 14 as my friends sent the designs even before I had started working on them. I did complete a couple of them (level 11 and level 17 to be precise) even after my friends sent them as I had already started working on them.

Although they are not the best of the designs, I really enjoyed making them :) A big thanks to the creators of this game! And special thanks to Vinay for sending it to us!!

Mission to Mars
Up the Stairs
Down Under
Back and Forth

Handling and Back and Forth are my favourite designs among these :)


the devil said...

Ma'am dont take this the wrong way ...
But you are a stupid girl...

I have seen so many of your works and you are a beautiful designer. Why are you sitting in Nokia and coding or whatever. Unless you are designing Nokia phones , your talent is wasted ...

ashwini bharadwaj said...

Hey :)
Thanks kaNo. I have noticed that you always appreciate my work, it encourages me, thanks a ton!

I don't know what it takes to just stop doing what I am doing and do this art stuff full time. One of my classmates also suggested that I should become a designer after seeing our wedding card! And Vinay tells me almost everyday that I should be spending more time on this. May be I should just listen to all you guys...