Monday, July 07, 2008

credit to the credits girl!

Although I used to look at the closing credits of a film, it was more of a casual look and the duration of this act of looking at the closing credits were based on various factors, number of people walking out of the movie, who I went to the movie with etc.
Yesterday I learnt that one of my friend's friend who is a director herself in an NGO doesn't like it when people don't watch the closing credits. It suddenly occurred to me that she was so right!, it is a way of acknowledging the creators. I also regretted for having not thought about it earlier. But now I will make it a point to sit through the closing credits hope that people who read this also do. And the credit of making us realise the importance of doing so goes to her.


Sridhar Raman said...

Absolutely! One always needs to sit through the credits. But there are a few issues, the biggest being the fact that apart from multiplexes, most "normal" movie halls switch of the video and audio as the credits begin to roll.

Chin said...

Well, at least the multiplexes I've been to still keep the credits rolling. Can't say the same for the fast vanishing single screen theatres. Recently, I loved watching the Kung Fu Panda credits roll. A separate team had worked on the Credits roll graphics for the film! Sitting through the credits prolongs the dazed lull that the film puts ya in, me thinks :-) Plus, its a way of appreciating the people that made the film of course. Glad you enjoyed the experience Ashwini! And good to meet ya :-) (albeit virtually)