Friday, November 19, 2004

lit up

we celebrated deepawali on friday and saturday here.
it was my first deepawali out of home. also, first time i wasn't with my mom on her bday.
tried sending a message to her so that she could view the same on her bday but unfortunately, the mpeg file i sent refused to work, i believe :-(
but, thanks to vinay who took all the trouble to deliver my gifts to my mom ontime. thank you kano :-)

friday, we went to a temple in bothell was called the hindu temple and cultural center. there were a whole bunch of indians there...first time i was seeing an indian crowd here in the US. pleased to listen to all the chantings that were going was a homely feeling :-)

on saturday i had to go to the USPS (US Postal Service) to collect my package friends had sent diyas and deepawali gifts for me all the way from india :-) i was very happy to see all the gifts and a letter from them which in the end said, "please come back soon"...for a moment i felt on top of the world. guess i am blessed to have you as my friends. thank you :-)

in the evening we all got together around 16 of us and we had a guest revan who had come with her daughter katy. we had great fun playing with the kids, playing games, eating delicious food and singing. i had lighted the diyas and believe me, they made our celebration complete.

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