Monday, November 01, 2004


saturday, i had been to my first ever halloween party and was fun...there were kids/grown ups dressed up as witches, ghouls, animals, insects ...

guess the idea is to make anything and evrything look scary!
i stayed back at michelle's place on friday as it was late..linh and me had gone there to put up the halloween decorations and stuff. we were successful in making the whole house look haunted by sticking the spider web all over and having skulls, skeletons hanging from all kind of things. the food was also made to look scary...there were cakes which looked sickening...she had speard out candy worms and crushed cookies on the cake so that it looked like dirt with worms coming out of it...

as part of the party, we went trick or treating with the go from house to house and shout "trick or treat" and they would be given candies!

otherwise, the party was normal with young and old people having their groups discussing lectures, clubs, exercise, jewellery, politics what not...there was also small fight among some ppl regarding bush-kerry.

i was talking to girls who went to seattle university who would be graduating in is interesting that some of them knew bangalore and they had plans to visit india sometime. they said they were suprised by the fact tht most indian children study in english medium.they wanted to know how different it is to live in india and i was telling them tht life in india is very
colorful with people involving themselves in so many different activites. i did tell them tht we do have unexpected things happening in our lives in india and it's not as smooth as it is in the US, but these surprises make our life interesting, they keep us going!

it was kind of nice to stay with an american and to know how they do things ...even small things are done very differently, or probably the mindset..i dunno
a few of them which surprised me...

okay we cut pineapples for pizzas, keep them on a plate...then we use them as part of the topping for the pizza, we will have some pieces left as everything wasn't used for pizzas but they are considered left overs and thrown away!

dogs are on diet! they can't have food with calories.

also, the dogs have no difficulty in accepting strangers, they don't treat u as strangers if u are with their owner. in fact they treat u as their guest..and they need attention...they don't like it if u keep talking to their owner alone, u need to talk to them make them feel comfortable.
i still can't believe tht i could be with 2 dogs for a day was like they were a part of the house, we used to talk to them, walk around with them..

and the kids here are fun! they keep surprising you evry now and then...out of all the kids i met, mason and jessica are unforgettable...mason was around 4 yrs or so and jessica was around 7.
mason asked me if he could dance with me! (there was nobody dancing or anything)
there was a dancing pumpkin in the party which fascinated, he aksed me to take his picture with tht pumpkin and i did so, he came running to me asking me to show the picture and when i told him tht it was a film camera and i can't show him the picture he was like, "what do u mean u can't show me the pciture right away!" his expression was as if i was being unreasonable.
and jessica! when naina told her tht someone would go with her till her house as it was dark and she was going alone, she said "oh no! i can go by myself...if someone still wants to accompany me, they can as well follow me tht it looks spooky!"
it was really fun being with the kids :-)

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