Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's day

My Amma dearest is an awesome mom, the best mom one could have, like every other mom in this world. So I won't write on how awesome she is. But just about how she surprised me last night. Most of my friends know by now that I learnt to be open and liberal from my mom as I keep mentioning it at every other opportunity I get. I have never had to lie to her or hide something from her. She has always been a very open and positive person. I have hardly seen her being cynical or saying no to something or being hesitant to try something. She is always up for trying new things and willing to listen to any new idea.
So we were talking last night like we always do, for more than an hour or so. We talk about everything under the sun, and we do it every-time we pick up the phone, making my Dad wonder what would we have so much to talk about :) So after touching on all the topics, we were about to say byes and I said "Oh by the way happy mother's day" and a few lines on how she is an awesome mom and she said "Oh yeah, every mom is, nothing too special" etc. And then I said I loved her a lot and hugs and all that and then as I was about to finish the call, she said "Wait it's my turn". And she said "Happy mother's day to you too! You have always been a mom to me, you have been there for me like a mom, shared my joys and sorrows like a mom and taken care of me like a mom and I love you for that Putti,". And I realized tears were just rolling down my face. Now she has told me before that I am like her mom, in different contexts and conversations. But it was so special when she said "You are my mom and have a great mother's day"! That's how open she can be and come up with a new special thought and make me feel I still have a long way to go before I am everything she is :) Here's to my dearest darling mommie and babie, love you like crazy, my Puttu :)

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