Saturday, July 10, 2010

Noomi Rapace

What other title could I give? She's on my mind since I watched the awaited movie last night -The girl who played with fire. When I watched the The girl with the dragon tattoo in April, I loved the characterization of Lisabeth Salander, it boosted my feminist ego. It was very gripping even with the flaws in the plot. What interested me most is -in the days where we hardly see any movie that takes time to define its female characters the movie did a great job in defining Lisabeth's role so strongly. Though it's the author of the series that defined the character I think the movie did so much justice to the original character and I was convinced that no one could have played it better than Noomi Rapace.
So then I watch this sequel last night, I liked the movie and all that but again what intrigued me the most is Noomi's acting, she was so fantastic and perfect. If I had watched these movies when I was a teenager I would wish I could be like Lisabeth Salander. Now I wish I could act like Noomi Rapace!

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