Thursday, July 30, 2009

So here it is, the painting where I was experimenting the other two complementary pairs: green-red and yellow-violet. I went to the market in search of flowers to paint as my subject but the moment I looked at the watermelon (small one) I wanted to paint it. Since it was green I bought a bunch of tomatoes as my other subject. After trying out with a few compositions, settled down on this one where I decided to have the subjects placed an a table (which was going to be yellow-violet :)).

It was fun painting this one and I was trying out different brush strokes instead of just making it smooth. In the next class one of my classmates and James (my teacher) pointed out that I might have used Divisionism and a bit of Pointillism in my work. I didn't know what those techniques were, found out about them later. It's interesting that it (divisionism) is based on the science that optical mixing of colors happen and it is not necessary to mix the colors physically all the time.

When I told about this to Chinnu he was telling me how art is supposed to be intuitive and all that but it definitely helps in knowing the science behind it as it makes it faster and it won't take away any creativity or intuitiveness from us.

In the last class James was telling us about the use of Geometry in paintings, which again is arguable that it's not intuitive. Maybe not all the painters used/use it consciously but it is true that images look more pleasing to the eyes when they are proportionate so I think knowing about it only makes it easier and makes us more confident to use it.

The other paintings that I made in the class are uploaded here.


karthik c said...

looks really nice :) after reading the post i am feeling that the choice of colors is making the picture feel even better.

the second picture gives a better idea of the painting even though its a little darker alva ? the shape of the objects look a little weird in the first one.. guess its the angle

ashwini bharadwaj said...

Hoon Chins, it's very hard to take pictures of the paintings :) The objects appear like in the second picture when the painting is hung on a wall. Couldn't get the lighting correctly for that angle hence the first picture!

Kaushik said...

Due to my disability, unable to appreciate ...