Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sea to sky highway

Yesterday we drove to Whistler town, thanks to Tara and Akhilesh who are here on an official visit, we made up our mind to get to Whistler finally. Whistler town hosts the Whistler mountain (named after the whistling calls of the marmots to warn friends of the impending danger, that lived in the alpine areas of the mountain). Whistler mountain hosts the ski resort Whistler Blackcomb, more than a million people go there each year. This is the official ski resort for the 2010 Winter Olympics that is going to happen in Vancouver.

Whistler is a famous place and its beauty and grandness is talked about all the time but what I found amazing was the drive! The sea to sky highway which connects Vancouver and Whistler (Whistler is around 120 km from Vancouver) is a two lane (most part of it) scenic highway that passes both the pacific ocean and the snow-capped mountains. It was simply spectacular to drive on the highway. Here are a few pictures...
Around 80-90km of the highway was covered with these mountains and the ocean. And most both sides of the highway has these glaciated mountains which was really a treat.

There were view points too where we stopped and admired the views! There is construction going on for the Winter Olympics and so there were traffic diversions at some parts of the highway, however that didn't take away anything from the wonderful experience we had driving through this highway.

Want to do more trips to Whistler, people, please do visit us :) Susie you reading this? :)

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Deepa H said...

We are waiting to go there. Nice pics, looks beautiful.