Sunday, December 09, 2007

I did something very satisfying after a long time, planted trees on the sides of a road in Koramangala (the regional passport office road). Thanks to Bindu for getting me into it :-)

An organisation called TreesForFree ( had taken up this task of planting trees in Koramangala on Saturday. When Bindu told me about it I was very excited about the idea and agreed to join her. We reached that place at 10:00 AM and waited for a while for the dignitaries to plant the first few trees. In fact we didn't wait, we just left the first few slots and started off with the rest. Bindu and I were doing something together after a long time, we were very enthusiastic! There were people from a nursery to assist us but I think they had done most of the work. We had to just place the trees in the holes that were dug up in advance and cover it with mud (two different kinds of mud) using a shovel. Ms. Janet who was leading the activity was quite happy with us and said she would let us know when they plan tree planting in other areas around Bangalore. We must have planted around 12-14 trees.

After we left the place, it felt nice to think how it would feel when walk on that road 10-20 years later :-) I was thinking about those people who planted trees in Jayanagar, BasavanaguDi etc. we owe them a big thanks.


PeterKeating said...

Thats a very noble thing to do.
10-20 years later people would be wondering about those trees at Koramangala and thanking the person who planted those.

Sridhar Raman said...