Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chak De India! Chuck chauvinism!

what effect it had on me as i watched... the movie elevated my feminist ego and the love for my country! and i enjoyed watching every bit of it :-)

it's simply a no nonsense movie made with a sincere effort to showcase the intention and emotions of the coach Negi (on who the story is based on), the Indian authorities' attitude towards a women's team, the problems, insecurities, emotions the team members go through and how a sensible coach who is extremely focused can make a big difference!

details! they have given enough time to establish each team member's attitude so that we can appreciate it when they the coach has an influence on them. there is a fine balance between the theory and the practicalities of the game, the team playing hockey looks very realistic...they haven't missed the technical details. nothing in the movie is introduced just for the sake of it or anything, it looks like everything is there for a reason, or at least i could find a justification.

SRK rocks as the coach, his focus, his arrogance, his fairness, his ability to sense the exact problem/issue with the team members...are all showcased very well, he gets full marks for his acting.

i read in TOI that he touched Negi's feet when he went to see him first, and also that he was very detailed and made sure that every technical detail was correct. Negi has also said that he was around when the last scene (India winning the WC) was shot and he had his doubts as to if someone can actually express/demonstrate the emotions he went through in reality...but when SRK performed, he was speechless and thought it couldn't have been demonstrated better than the way he did!

with all this, what i liked the most about the movie was the parts where SRK stresses on playing for India and the parts where it is shown that he never discriminates between men and women!
and my favourite scene in the movie...
when SRK proposes a match b/w men's hockey team and women's team to decide if the women's team gets to go to the WC or not, he says "lets have a match b/w your team and my team" and the other person says "yeah, a match b/w men' steam and the women's team" and SRK stresses "a match between your team and my team"! i don't know if anyone could find it special but i did! when he stressed on "my team and your team" as a means to imply his non-discrimination, i could sense the respect he had for's showcased so well is what i felt!


Anonymous said...

I think the script writer did a good job when he wrote "yeah a match b/w your team and my team." I dont see why you should give the credit to shahrukh khan!

If the movie was great...I really appreciate the people involved including SRK. Touching Negi's feet and doing all those "heart wrenching" / pretentious humility stunts are totally uncalled for.


ashwini bharadwaj said...


agree! it's the script writer who wrote that, I don't deny. I only meant to say that the person who wrote it and the person who enacted it both gets the credit. though its the script writer who wrote it originally, as a viewer i get to know this thoughts/feelings only through the actor and i only meant the actor conveyed it very well. i could sense the respect he (that character in the movie, not SRK)had for women!