Wednesday, January 10, 2007


A radio station here had a contest last evening where the host asked people to make a funny prediction of the movie Guru's story and she would give away two tickets to the first day's evening show as the prize! I never participate in any such contests but yesterday I was just thinking why they came up with such a contest. I listened to a couple of people who made funny predictions and won the tickets. I thought I can't make a funny prediction of a movie like Guru and just tried listening to some other station. But it somehow disturbed me and I decided to send the following message to them.

"Sorry.. Can't make a funny prediction of Mani's movie, am a big fan and am expecting the movie to leave a profound message -Ashwini"

After I sent it, I thought I sounded arrogant. But to my surprise, they actually called me and told me that I can collect my tickets!!
So, may be radio station guys also like Mani and his movies! Cheers to Mani!


Avinash said...
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Avinash said...

Nice :)
Cheers Mani. I actually want to watch the move the second time. Disturbing to see that Guru is rid of all charges in the end , but the movie was so inspiring - the sheer grit and confidence that anyone can have about himself!

ashwini bharadwaj said...

yeah, it's definitely inspiring! it inspires people who want to do something on their own and people who want to change the political system (if the system was clean he could have done what he did legally).
but it misses the details :( it just tells us what and not how, am disappointed that mani hasn't done much other than telling a good story.
also it is very similar to the aviator...even the lines "don't tell me it can't be done" vs "i can't hear the NO word"...but i liked aviator better coz it had more details and no aish crap!!

MusicManiac said...

Nice. His movies are always a treat to watch and balances between commercial cinema as well as having some kind of a social message. That's been the best part for me. Cinematography is another thing which stands out big time in his movies.